Seasonal Gardening Checklist

Beautiful gardens are born out of love, patience and strong foundations. For beginners and those looking to help their garden thrive, finding a seasonal rhythm can be extremely helpful and supply you with beautiful bouquets and harvest bounty through each season.

Meet Carrie Petty, Master Gardener

A life-long Hoosier, writer, painter, podcaster and master gardener, I reside in planting zone five and am passionate about local agriculture and sustainable beautiful living, as well as, hummingbirds, peonies, daisies, outdoor dinner parties and connecting with nature.

Ground Rules for Healthy Soil

The hardest gardening lesson I ever learned… Just like most everything, you need a strong foundation, in life… and my flowers were going to need a strong foundation in their soil. Truly, good soil is the foundation for healthy plants. See the ground rules for soil, no matter your zone.

Are you often plunging forcefully into the next season of life? Growing a beautiful life and gardening well takes time, patience and a solid foundation. Amend your soil, nurture your foundation, do the basics well and the beautiful things will come. I promise. From seed to harvest, let’s walk along together.

What will you find here in this online space? A welcoming community to chat gardening, nature, life, family, homemaking, entertaining, faith, goodness and so much more.  – Carrie