Gardening Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Looking for a few gardening tips, tricks and hacks?

The garden is a great teacher of all things in life, and I’ve found the greatest gardeners understand the basics. Now, I wasn’t always a master gardener. Thirty years ago, I was an impatient beginner with horrible Indiana clay-like soil, trying to will things to grow without a thought to the foundation of my garden.

My frustration led me to take a step back, to slow down and work on the foundation first. I come from an old Indiana Ag family, and I’m a farmer’s daughter, but even with an agriculture background, I was trying to rush Mother Nature and snap my fingers into a beautiful life. It was a “facepalm” moment. Growing a beautiful life (and a garden) takes time and intention.

Ready to get your gardening vibe flowing?

As a gardener, soil, water and sun are critical.