About Carrie Petty

Who is Carrie Petty, Master Gardener?

Well, first of all, hello there, I’m glad you stumbled across my corner of the internet! Whether you are here for the gardening content, delicious recipes, entertaining tips, or other growing a beautiful life content — I am so happy you’ve landed here.

I often describe myself as a Hoosier girl with a little sprinkle of boho-hippie for good measure. I’m a Christian, mom, wife, writer, painter, podcaster and Master Gardener, always working to grow a beautiful life. I feel most rooted and at peace when I’m in the garden, or hanging with my family.

I come from an old Indiana Ag family. I always say I understood farm to table at a very young age, as we were a meat provider for most of the Midwest. Additionally, in my family, it was a natural thing to join 4H young too.

I’m a lover of all things green.

The Spark In My Soul

My dear mother was such an elegant polished woman. She was an amazing hostess and her impact on my life has been monumental. Because of her influence, I’m most joyful when my hands are in the dirt, I’m growing things for my table and home, and entertaining.

I attended Indiana University for communications. I’ve spent most of my adult career in communication roles, but I credit Dick Crum, aka WIBC’s Dr. Dirt, for truly lighting the spark in my soul for gardening and starting me on the path to becoming a Master Gardener.

Many people don’t know that I also am an accomplished oil painter and dry flower artist. I have a keen understanding of botanicals, and I love painting flowers from my garden. Back in the day, I owned a The Dry Flower Barn at Stoney Creek Farm in Noblesville too.

These days, you’ll find me gardening of course, but also, navigating empty nest life with my hubby, cheering on my two adult sons, as they spread their wings and fly, prepping for gardening segments, podcasts and speaking engagements and content creation for my little corner of the internet.

My Hope For You

My people, my hope for you, is to intimately know and embrace the connected place of the garden — to explore nature in your own way and grow your own beautiful life! My goal is to share and teach and to make garden living and growing accessible for everyone. In this space, you’ll find the tools and inspiration to live more beautifully and walk alongside Mother Nature.

I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with all of you, my gardening people! Thank you for letting me be a part of your home, garden and beautiful life adventures. I love hearing from all of you, so drop me a line.