Growing a Beautiful Life, Let’s Chat Homemaking

Looking for a few brilliant Homemaking tips?

For me, at the heart of growing a beautiful is my garden and homemaking. It’s how I center myself, connect with something greater than myself and it’s my mental wellness. I find relaxation and peace in garden, and I love bringing my garden into my home for my family and my guests to enjoy.

I think homemaking is so much more than the management of your home. It’s a cultivating a beautiful refuge, a life-giving place that welcomes all that enter and leaves them better as they head back out into the world with filled spirits. It’s warmth. It’s rest. It’s family. It’s dinner around the table. It’s being at one with nature around you. It’s oh so many wonderful things.

Home truly is a key part of growing a beautiful life. Just like I said with the garden, it takes time and intention to cultivate a home you love that fills your spirit.