5 Go-To Gardening Books

Curious about my favorite go-to gardening books? These five are my top and most well-worn gardening books.

Carrie’s Go-To Gardening Books

My absolute favorite is a true classic — The New Victory Garden by Bob Thomson. It’s well-worn and one of my most valuable gardening tools. It’s really great for beginners and really everyone interested in enhancing the beauty found in and around the home. Bob includes drawings and photos, and it covers gardening from month to month throughout the year. I love his pest section and his great tips on how to naturally keep pests out of your garden. His chapter on container gardening is fabulous too. It’s always my go-to for great reminders for putting my garden to bed each winter too. It really is a beautiful gift and perfect for novice gardeners too.

Next up, Kitchen Gardens in Containers by Anthony Atha. It’s chock-full of useful container gardening advice and will show you several different ways to grow fruit and vegetables in containers. It also features delicious recipes and step-by-step instructions on how to make plant containers from scratch, even from salvaged items. It’s super handy for pinpointing which plants are suited for growing together in containers and which plants do not do well in containers at all. Really a great little book for learning the basics of container gardening.

Third, Martha Stewart’s Gardening, Month by Month. Did you know Martha has been gardening since she was three? I love that she keeps a gardening journal too. Swoon. Doesn’t everyone? In her book, everything is presented by month. There are glorious pictures, diagrams, recipes and great tips from the entertaining queen! Love her or hate her, she knows her stuff. If you are planning to plant by the seasons or just expand your gardening knowledge, you’ll love this book! A great book to give as a gift too!

Let’s not forget Kitchen Gardens of France by Louisa Jones and Vincent Motte. Oh the kitchen gardens of France! They’re magnificent! Every region has its own characteristic examples that–depending on the climate, terrain, and design–boast a profusion of vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs. Lots of grassroots gardening with gardening knowledge handed down by generation. The authors explore all sorts of French kitchen gardens too, from chateaux or abbeys, to gourmet gardens planted by master chefs, romantic gardens and everyday gardens. There is just something poetic about beautiful kitchen gardens!

Lastly, rounding out the five must haves, The Complete Herb Gardener by Paul Seitz. Oh how I love herbs! Not only do they season dishes beautifully and make great face masks, but they can serve as table decor too! This book includes a comprehensive history, in both medicinal and flavoring terms, plus provides a solid base for learning about the many modern uses and cultivation methods. Guidance is given on every practical aspect, including buying, planting, and designing an herb garden, picking companion plants to enhance flavors of neighboring vegetables and ward off insects, and a number of other tips to keep you and your herbs healthy.  Discover tips for drying and preserving, flavoring oils and vinegars, preparing spirits, salves, and creams, and so much more. You’ll love this one! Trust me.

Onward to Growing a Beautiful Life!

– Gardening Love, Carrie

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