Christmas in the Garden

It’s the month of December – the month of cocoa, snowfall, presents, parties and Christmas in the garden.

Yes, there is still stuff to do in the garden, even in December. One of my first married holidays included boughs of greenery in from the outdoors to make garland. I love putting things from the garden on the stove in a pot of simmering water and releasing the aromas. Think a sprig of rosemary that’s dried from the garden, with oranges, allspice and cinnamon sticks. It fills the air and is such an authentic holiday aroma.

That’s what gardeners do best I think – extend the year of the garden inside and outside and just make everything more beautiful with natural surroundings. Some of my favorite things to do and it’s part of growing a beautiful life.

Think about using what you have and adding a layer of natural and sparkle. Maybe your lovely Christmas village or antique snowman with sprigs of white pine from the yard, maybe add white roses in a bowl with boxwood foliage. Then sprinkle a little artificial snow. The sparkle among the natural is blissful and makes everything a little more magical. Trust me.

Now don’t forget a few final gardening chores in the yard in December too. Be sure to wrap with burlap or mound leaves or compost around up around your roses and any other fragile plants. It’s super important to protect the beautiful crown of your roses. And remember, when it snows, don’t plow and pile up snow around your Lavender or Boxwood. Don’t forget to feed the birds during the winter too.

Now when pondering Christmas in the garden, don’t forget the perfect gardening gifts for all your favorite garden loving friends. Think beautiful gardening books. See five of my favorites here. Maybe some little herb Fiskars hand trimmers, a perfect stocking stuffer. Maybe a nice pair of gardening gloves or a pressed flower bookmark. If in the Indianapolis area, one of my favorite places to shop for the perfect gifts for gardeners is Sullivan Hardware off Keystone. It’s magical and goes on forever! Stop in, you’ll love it! Now if you want to really wow them – they’ll swoon over the New Year issue of Baker Creek Seeds. It’s bigger than the fall Vogue and is incredible.

Curious to hear more about Christmas in the garden? Tune into my podcast Growing a Beautiful Life on the All Indiana Podcast Network

Onward to Growing a Beautiful Life!

– Gardening Love, Carrie

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