The Blooming Order of Things!

Order of Spring Blooms

Do you ever wonder about the blooming order of things in the garden? How it all seems to work seamlessly and beautifully like a gorgeous colorful symphony?

Bird Watching and Pondering

A chickadee perched high on a branch of my budding serviceberry tree is building a nest in the wooden, tin-roofed birdhouse I have hanging, I will soon be a grandmother! Like my dogs, the birds are part of the family experience. We all watch and wait…identifying various critters as they pass through the backyard.

Observation is our teacher. Nature is the classroom and animals, plants and insects are the subject.

Displayed against the almost violet blue sky, my Serviceberry is in a race to be the first to bloom. I have always had a theory about, “The Blooming Order of Things!”  There is a purpose as to what blooms first, second and so on…Here in Indiana we are Zone 5. Zones help identify the frost and freeze timeline for growing stuff! Forsythia is our first bloomer. Then the Redbuds, Dogwoods and somewhere in between comes my Serviceberry trees. 

Timing. It is all about the timing in my garden. Time equates patience for any gardener. 

Yellow daffodils don’t work against the yellow blooms of the Forsythia bush. You need the periwinkle blue of maybe the indigenous Wild Columbine, Aquilegia Canadensis. Opposing colors on the color wheel bring the pop! I love to work with indigenous plant material when I can, for more information. 

The plants that are meant to be, are meant to be. They bring the proper insects to the yard at the proper time.

For instance, I never hear the croak of a tree frog until the dogwood blooms have faded, that is when the temperatures get just right for them to peak out of the mud for matting season. And you never see a hummingbird until the nectar filled blooms are in full force, the timing has to be just right.

I trust that timing. It is what we gardeners speak of when we say we find peace in the garden. You can just rest and know that God will always bring a Spring… just in time.

Onward to Growing a Beautiful Life!

– Gardening Love, Carrie

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