10 Things To Improve Your Garden & Lawn

Creating Shade in Your Yard

10 Things to improve your garden and lawn this weekend

#1 Add more plants: Spring is the perfect time to plant before the heat of the summer rises. Plant more Rhododendrons, Dogwoods, Redbuds and Azeleas. Now that you can see where they’re blooming, go buy more! Don’t know the type? Just pluck-off a bloom if you don’t have the labels of your current varietals and take it to the garden center and find more of the same color! Next spring you will thank me!

#2  Set your mower on the highest setting:  Mow the grass at the highest wheel setting. This lifts the blade up. Then, on the driest day of the weekend, since we’ve had rain, mow your lawn! When grass is wet it spreads disease. To prevent, disinfect the mower blade with a little bleach and water solution. Unplug the spark plug first so engine won’t accidentally fire.

Why mow at the highest setting you ask? Your lawn looks lusher and it shades out weed seeds that are trying to make their way up towards the sun.

#3 Power-wash your sidewalks: The walkway leading to the door is probably darkened from mildew, power washing will brighten the concrete and the contrast against the lawn and mulch really set the house off and make things pop!

#4 Get the blade on your edger sharpened: Edge your lawn after mowing-do not use the weed whipper whacker whatever thingy!  Because when the heat of the summer comes, the edges of your lawn just look like a dry crunchy breadstick, and no one likes that, not one bit.

#5 For goodness sakes! Buy an American flag! Mount your patriotism on a porch post, or get some mason screws and put the flag mount into the brick. Encourage your friends and neighbors to do this too! I promise it brightens a neighborhood and increases community patriotism and honors our Vets. They deserve it!

#6 Buy three new pots:  All matching but different sizes. Cluster planters on the deck or porch and plant them with annuals that you just love! I like to use the kind of potting soil that is organic and work in some mushroom compost for a rich soil. Water twice a week or three times if hotter, only in the morning with cup of coffee in hand!

#7 Get the kids outside: Face it, we only have a we only have 28 hours of sunlight to get a weekends worth of yard work done and if you commit yourself to it this weekend, which both days will be beautiful, you will be so happy you did. The bulk of the work will be done and you have your yard and deck to enjoy the rest of the summer. So employe all little hands get them out there to pick up Stick, rake, or help dig a hole to plant new plants.  Then have them go inside and find a blanket, make your lunch and sit on the blanket outside and eat! Kiddos learn to love gardening this way and it will make the world a beautiful place if we have more little gardeners.

#8 Wash Outdoor Furniture: If there are no cushions great. Get a hose and a little bit of soap and sponge and washed down all your pieces. If you have cushions I wash mine down too. Ill use a bucket with a little bit of Tide detergent only a couple of tablespoons and a scrub brush wet, scrub, rinse & let dry. Once your cushions are dry I treat mine with a little bit of Scotchgard. It helps protect from sun and spills.

#9 Add a new book to your collection: When you’re finished with your work and your cushions are dry sit-down, crack open the new book and learn some more about your beautiful homestead!

#10 Mulch. If your landscape beds have old, grey mulch that is packed down so hard you can pick a piece up and toss it like a Frisbee? Then you have neglected your relationship commitments to those plants-and trust me, I will call Plant Protective Services. You will need a pitchfork or shovel.  Shove it deep into that soil and turn it over. Amend the soil (make it better) by adding peat moss, then put down some Preen, a product that helps weeds not grow. Call someone and order your mulch or go buy bags. Start with 4 cubic yards. (if you have a basic neighborhood front yard & landscape beds ) and mulch up to 3 inches thick no less no more. Keep it away from the base of the plants. Grab a beer and a hose. Around 5 o’clock water your mulch, make it look pretty, smile and wave when all the neighbors pass by and feel your gardening pride rise!

Now, pat yourself on the back. It’s been a good week of gardening work and you’re going to have a great May in Indiana, if you get this all done! Cheers!

Onward to Growing a Beautiful Life!

– Gardening Love, Carrie

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