3 Things To Get Your Garden Vibe Flowing

It’s early spring, let’s get your garden vibe flowing with these three fun tips.

The seeds you sowed indoors in February should be well on their way, but another fun seed to sow indoors to add some vibrancy to your spring decor and tablescapes is Wheat Grass! It’s a great way to bring the garden to your table in spring!

I think the anticipation of spring should be just like the anticipation of the holidays – where you plan for your tree and garland, meals and all your holiday shopping. It should be the same for spring! Even more so, with the rebirth of the green and all the colors.

The sunlight starts to be out a little longer and shine in a different way this time of year. Wash those windows, my people, to get them sparkling to let as much of that glorious sunshine and vitamin D in as possible. Get outside for at least 15 minutes a day and take stock of your property and gardens. Notice the tulip tips coming up – the promise of spring.

Ready to for my 3 tips to get your garden vibe flowing in February and March?

Garden Planning

In February and March (the beginning of the gardening cycle), it’s the perfect time to get your pen and gardening journal out and start planning. The ground is frozen still but garden books and seed catalogs keep us real cozy by the fireplace inside. Start to draft out your plans. You can do an awful lot of gardening on paper right now. Make lists of things you’d like to add and supplies you need. Maybe even a few new gardening books you might like to get. See my five go-to ones here. You can sharpen and oil up your tools now too. Think all the way through the seasons and plan what you’d like to provide on your table and present in your home from your garden.

Branches & Birds

When I talk about branches I’m not really talking about pruning too much right now, but you can prune dead wood or branches that are crossing and rubbing. You can under prune right now too to lift the canopy. You can pick up fallen twigs and branches.

Now for our bird friends – don’t forget they are migrating right now and need a lot more substance. They need us right now and suet is perfect. Wild Birds Unlimited is my favorite supplier. It gives them more protein and amp to build their fluff.

Start Planting, Winter Sewing

Believe it or not, you can start planting right now in February and March. Google or look for social REELs on winter sewing. Often people do it with empty cleaned one gallon milk jugs. You cut them in half but leave just enough for a hinge, poke holes in the bottom for drainage, put soil in, sew seeds, water it, close the “clam sort of shell” you’ve created, duct tape it (leave the cap off the jug) and set it in the sunshine. It’s a great stem activity for kids too. They will germinate just as nature intends, even in the cold.

Curious to hear more? Tune into my podcast on the All Indiana Podcast Network – Growing a Beautiful Life.

Onward to Growing a Beautiful Life!

– Gardening Love, Carrie

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